Auto Top Off

    Ice Cap Gravity ATO

    Replenish Evaporated Water… with No Power!

    The IceCap Gravity ATO automatically replaces evaporated water in freshwater and marine aquariums without the use of electricity.

    Easy to Use

    To use it, screw the base to the bottle, then mount it to tank rim. When the water level drops to reveal the shorter tube, the water in the bottle automatically flows into the tank do to the pressure difference.

    Package Includes:

    • Gravity ATO Base
    • x3 Mounting Inserts for different rim sizes
    • 500ml Bottle
    • Silicone Tubing
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    Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO

    Water level regulator with two sensors suitable for use in cabinet filters, in Comline® filters or directly on the edge of the aquarium.
    Scope of delivery: ready for mounting with power supply unit 12 V, metering pump, hose, magnet holder for sensors.

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