CaribSea CoralUp B Supplement 16oz


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    New CoralUp and CoralUp B are an innovative new way to grow and maintain a healthy and vibrant reef tank. The unequaled performance of the patented PurpleUp recipe, but with a trace element composition that includes ionic strontium and magnesium, in addition to 10 micron solid phase aragonite crystals meta-stable at a pH of 8.2, all specifically geared to scleractinian skeletal growth. And CoralUp B, used in a 2:1 ratio to CoralUp, provides the alkalinity and pH support. Why 2:1? Because CoralUp is so concentrated with calcium it requires twice the alkalinity to balance. With CoralUp’s unique dual method approach to calcium supplementation, (both ionic and high surface area, highly concentrated mineral phase) this formula allows you to add nearly three times the calcium of other brands without over dosing, and while growing coral in a more natural , ocean-like pH, calcium, and alkalinity environment. The solid phase not only caters to the slime coat feeding method, but serves as a regulator and monitor of water chemistry by the continual dissolution and re-equilibrating of carbonate crystals as mandated by pH and ionic concentration. The days of unstable on the edge water chemistry are over. It’s time for something truly revolutionary in reef keeping, CoralUp and CoralUp-B.

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