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    PNS ProBio™ contains a beneficial, naturally-occurring microbe. It is found in freshwater, marine and brackish environments (in the water column, the sediments and even in the guts of animals such as corals and earth worms). This highly adaptive photosynthetic bacterium balances nutrient cycling in all types of agricultural systems. Though it performs a variety of ecological functions, it is most oustanding in its ability to balance nitrogen cycles (it performs nitrogen fixation, nitrification, denitrification and assimilation of inorganic nitrogenous compounds). It also balances carbon cycles, reducing BOD (it performs carbon fixation and can digest organic compounds (including cellulose and lignin). As it consumes biological waste products, it simultaneously serves as a wholesome food source for bacterivores ranging from amphipods to filter-feeding invertebrates.


    Purple non-sulfur bacteria have for long been used successfully to remediate water quality in highly intensive aquaculture operations. Moreover, they are increasingly used to amend water assets in aquaponic applications. Their probiotic qualities are shown to suppress disease in numerous cultured plant and animal species. PNS ProBio™ helps to maintain an ecologically stable captive habitat, enriches live food items and forms direct, beneficial associations with the root systems and foliage of both terrestrial and aquatic plants

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